Friday, 18 November 2016

A reason why Earthquakes happen

Long ago Maui in a small village and his brothers went down a big tunnel With heaps of food And water. It took three years but they made it Maui said that he was the only reason why they made it.  so his brothers left without food and died on the way back up Maui lived Down the hill for years and when he got sad he punched The Roof and a lever appeared he pulled it and an earthquake happened. everyTime he got Sad he pulled the lever and an earthquake happened. When he pulled it hard and a big earthquake happened. For years he has been doing it and for many more years he will but how does he stay alive maybe he has been blessed.  Nobody knows but soon he will make a massive earthquake a record breaking 78.7 That destroys the world but the good thing is that will be tomorrow not today. The smallest will be after that the 0.001 at my house it will be a big shock for me back to the story Maui made a house from the bamboo that they brang. Now he still lives there.     

The end

Friday, 11 November 2016

Maui and the sun

 Walt do an animation on Maui and the sun.
liked making all the slides.
I felt that doing the first slide was challenging.